What are things to check before buying used fridges?

Used Fridge

Your trusty fridge decides to call it quits, leaving you scrambling for a replacement. Appliances are a big investment, and let’s be honest, sometimes a brand-new fridge just isn’t in the budget.

Before you rush out and splurge on the latest model. Consider a wallet-friendly and eco-friendly alternative: buying a used fridge.

But buying second hand fridges isn’t quite the same as grabbing a book from a thrift store.

Whether you’re searching for “second hand fridges near me” or browsing “used appliances Perth.” This ultimate guide from WA Whitegoods will equip you with all the knowledge you need to get a reliable pre-loved fridge for your kitchen.

We’ll break down a checklist of essential features to inspect before buying your second hand fridge.

Used Fridge Inspection Checklist

Finding a fridge with the right features and price is just the first step. Before you hand over your cash, give the fridge a thorough inspection. Here’s what to check for in a used fridge:

Visual Inspection

1. Look for Dents, Scratches & Rust: Look for any major dents, deep scratches, or rust spots that could indicate damage or improper care.

2. Inspect the Door Seals: A worn-out seal leads to inefficient cooling and higher energy bills. Here’s a simple test. Close the door on a piece of paper. Try to pull the  paper  out. If it comes out easily, the seal needs replacing. A good seal will hold the paper firmly in place.

3. Overall Cleanliness: A dirty fridge is a red flag. Check for spills, grime, and unpleasant odours. A clean exterior and interior reflect how well-maintained the fridge was.

4. Fridge Age: A well-maintained fridge can last for many years. Fridges older than 10 years are less energy efficient and more prone to breakdowns.  Ask about the age of the fridge when making your decision.

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Functionality Check

5. Power On/Off: Test if the fridge powers on and off easily. Yes, it sounds simple, but seeing if the fridge powers on is important.

6. Check Cooling Performance: Set the temperature and let the fridge run for at least 15 minutes. Open the door and feel inside. It should feel cool, not just slightly chilly.

7. Thermometer Test: If the seller allows, it’s ideal to check the internal temperature of the fridge and freezer with a thermometer. Ideally, the freezer should be around -18°C and the fridge section should be around 2-4°C.

8. Noise Check: A well-functioning fridge shouldn’t make any strange noises beyond a gentle hum. Listen for any unusual noises like loud clicking, knocking, grinding, or excessive humming. These indicate issues with the compressor or fans.

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Fridge Interior Inspection

9. Seals and Gaskets: These rubber strips around the door form an airtight barrier. Check for cracks, tears, or brittleness. They should be soft and pliable.

10. Shelves and Drawers: Ensure all shelves and drawers are present and functional. Look for cracks, missing parts, or broken handles.

11. Drainage Hole: Locate the drainage hole at the back of the fridge, usually near the bottom. Make sure it’s clear of debris and allows water to drain properly.

12. The Smell Test: Nobody wants a fridge that smells funny. Take a good whiff inside the fridge. There shouldn’t be any lingering food smells or unpleasant odours. If there are strong smells, it is a sign of Mold growth and food spoilage that wasn’t properly cleaned.


What to Check When Buying Used Fridge


Consider fridges under 10 years for efficiency


Measure space, ensure 1 inch clearance for ventilation

Door Seal

Close door on paper; it should hold firm when pulled

Noise Level

Listen for strange noises like knocking or grinding

Funky Smells

Check for unpleasant smells inside the fridge


Test knobs, buttons, and lights for proper functionality

Power On/Off

Test if the fridge turns on and off easily.

Drainage Hole

Check for clogs and proper drainage.

Model Research

Research model online for reviews & energy efficiency

Seals and Gaskets

Check rubber strips for cracks, tears, or brittleness.

Visual Inspection

Check for major dents, cracks, or rust

Shelves and Drawers

Ensure all parts are present, functional, and undamaged.

Temperature Check

Check internal temperature (freezer: -18°C, fridge: 2-4°C)

Cooling Performance

Interior should feel cool after running for 15 minutes.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to finding a fantastic pre-loved fridge that keeps your food fresh.

Remember: When searching for “used fridges Perth,” always choose reputable stores with positive reviews. Look for sellers who offer details and pictures in their listings. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the fridge’s age, functionality, and any warranties included.

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