Shipping Policy

DO NOT transport your appliance lying on its back or side. An appliance should always be transported in its intended position; UPRIGHT AND SECURELY FASTENED WITH STRAPPING OR ROPE. In the event that you do wish to collect the appliance yourself and do not transport it using a safe, secure method, your warranty will become void. Should you wish to transport your appliance yourself, it must be returned to our shop for repair or replacement.
  1. Once your fridge has reached its intended position, you must NOT turn it on for a minimum period of 1 hour. This is to allow time for the gas to settle and to avoid any potential damage to your fridge.
  2. Whilst every care is taken when delivering your items, should you wish to assist us with the placement of your appliance inside the property, WA White Goods will not be held liable for any damage caused.
  3. In the event that the appliance is relocated within the warranty period to an alternative address by the purchaser, WA White Goods will not be held liable for any damage incurred during the move.
  4. Delivery Charges may apply according to the location.