Warranty - Terms and Conditions

At WA White Goods, we value your satisfaction and aim to provide clear terms regarding your appliance purchases:

  • Payment Obligation: Any deposit or payment paid during the appliance transaction is considered a commitment to purchase and will be deducted from the total agreed price of your appliance. Deposits are non-refundable if you change your mind.
  • Transportation Guidelines: Avoid transporting appliances lying on their back or sides. They should always be transported in their intended position—upright and securely fastened with strapping or rope. If you do wish to collect the appliance yourself and do not transport it without using a safe secure method, your warranty will be void.
  • After Transport Consideration: In case you buy a fridge, make sure you do not turn it on for at least 2 hours. It will allow the gas to settle and prevent potential damage.
  • Delivery Assistance: While we take every step for a safe and secure delivery of our white goods, WA White Goods will not be liable for any damages if you wish to assist you in placing the appliance inside your property.
  • Relocation of Appliances: In case you relocate the appliance to an alternative address within the warranty period, we will not be responsible for any damages incurred during the move.
  • Warranty Coverage: The warranty covers the appliance only, not any contents or damage to the property. Check seals at the time of purchase, as seals are generally not covered under warranty unless they affect performance.
  • Duration and Conditions of Warranty: Appliances come with a 3-year warranty from the purchase date, valid only if the appliance doesn’t work as it did upon purchase. Moreover, repairs will be conducted at our expense, within the first 3 months, typically in your home.

If repairs are unsuccessful, you can choose:

  • A replacement of equivalent value.
  • A full refund (without delivery costs, if applicable).

This warranty is valid in the metro area.

(These terms and conditions come into effect when the invoice is fully paid)