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Buying a washing machine is a tough and stressful task. It’s because there are lots of confusing options with many features when you try to pick one. Additionally, it’s not fun deciding which one to get when you’re spending a good amount of money.

No Worries…

WA White Goods helps you choose the best washing machine Australia. We present an expert guide on front loaders, top loaders, and their key features to consider.

9 Factors to Consider While Buying a Washing Machine:

When you decide to buy a washing machine, there are several factors to keep in mind:

  • Washing Machine Type: Top loader or Front Loader
  • Drum Capacity and Size
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Cycle Time
  • Washing Programs
  • Water Connection
  • Noise and Vibration
  • Design According to Your Laundry Space:
  • Advanced Features for Easy Laundry

Let’s review the details of each factor to make a smart decision when purchasing a laundry machine

1. Front loader or Top Loader: Which Type to Choose?

The first thing to consider before buying is whether you want a top loading or a front-loading washing machine. Here’s a table comparing the features of both washing machines:




Primary Specification

With and Without Drying Function (2-in-1 Washer-dryer combo)

Fully automatic and Semi-automatic (Twin-tub washer)

Loading Style

Opens from the front

Opens from the top


Larger Drum for big loads (Does not have an Agitator)

Smaller to Larger Capacity (With Agitator)

Cycle/Wash time

Longer and Complex wash cycles

Generally faster and quick cycle times


More water and energy-efficient

Less water and energy-efficient

Water Usage

Uses less water per load

May use more water

Cleaning Performance

Tumbling motion (gentle on clothes)

Quick dry with higher spin speed (around 1500 RPM)

Deep water wash options on some models

Moderate spin speed (around 600 RPM), superior rinsing power

Design/Space Requirement

Compact design, suitable for tight spaces

Requires more space to open

Weight and Movability

Heavier and less Portable

Lightweight and Easy to Move


Harder to add clothes in mid-cycle

Front door makes it easy to reach clothes

Easy to add clothes in mid-cycle

Easier to load and unload for some users

2. Drum Capacity/Size:

Washing machines are available in various sizes, typically ranging from 5kg to over 18kg. The initial factor to look at when purchasing a washing machine is its capacity or drum size. However, to figure out the right size, you need to consider:

  • Washing load/Volume of clothes
  • Laundry area or space

Small washing machines are good for washing small family loads. Whereas larger ones with greater drum capacity are best for washing large items, like blankets.

Front-load machines stand out in washing capacity compared to top loaders. Unlike top loaders which have an agitator (large spindle located in the center of the machine’s wash drum), front-load machines provide more space for clothes. Hence, this results in the need for less frequent laundry with front loaders.

3. Energy Efficiency:

Energy-efficient washing machines help reduce the environmental impact and save your money over time. So, look for machines that are designed to use less electricity and water. These appliances contribute towards both environmental responsibility and economic benefit.

4. Cycle Time:

Considering the wash cycle time is crucial when you decide to purchase laundry machines. To make a quick laundry, front loaders may not be the most suitable choice. Because their wash cycles involve the rotation of the drum, with water entering and draining throughout the cycle.

Conversely, top loaders are generally faster than front loaders. But front loaders have the advantage of saving water. Thus, if you prefer a front loader, look for a ‘fast wash’ cycle. Additionally, front loaders with higher spin speeds clean efficiently and contribute to faster drying as well.

5. Washing Programs:

Modern washing machines come with a variety of wash programs and features, designed to improve cleaning and meet different laundry needs.

Consider models that offer a multitude of wash cycles, including options like

  • Regular
  • Delicate
  • Heavy-duty
  • Quick Wash, and more

Moreover, additional features such as steam cleaning, allergen removal capabilities, and a delay start function also provide extra convenience.

6. Water Connection:

Check the water requirements and connections of the washing machine. Some machines need both hot and cold water. If you only have access to cold water, machines with a heater can be beneficial. They provide you with the option of a warm wash, even without a hot water connection. It’s a handy feature for maintaining flexibility in your washing machine options.

7. Noise and Vibration:

It’s essential to consider the noise level of the washing machine, especially when your laundry area is near your living room. Front load washers can be louder due to their faster spin speed. Think about this factor when making your decision to ensure a more peaceful living environment.

8. Design According to Your Laundry Space:

Before you buy a washing machine, think about where it will be placed. Consider the space you need to open and move around the machine. Further, check if there are power points or taps nearby. If space is limited, a front loader might be a better choice. Additionally, they allow you to stack a dryer on top. This helps save space or use the top surface as a workspace.

9. Advanced Features for Easy Laundry:

  • Child Locks – to prevent kids from accidentally opening the machine door during a wash.
  • Delicate Programs – to handle gentle fabrics like wool or silk.
  • Selectable Spin Speed – to tailor the washing process to suit your specific needs.
  • Extra Rinse Options – contribute to cleaner clothes and minimize the risk of skin irritation.
  • Fast Wash – to tackle urgent laundry needs without compromising cleanliness.
  • Auto-Sensing Water Level – for optimal water usage.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity – to monitor your laundry remotely.
  • Automatic Detergent Dosing – to measure and dispense the right amount of detergent for each wash

What are the Best Washing Machine Brands in Australia:

When considering a washing machine, it’s important to look at the brand and its specific models. Some of the most famous washing machine brands with their specific models are given below.

1. Samsung

Samsung achieves high ratings across various categories, including performance, design, value for money, easy usage, features & functionality, and overall satisfaction.

It provides:

  • Range of front loader washing machines (sleek designs and various finish options)
  • Capacities ranging from 7.5kg to 12kg (well-suited for larger households)
  • Black appliance

Moreover, it enriches the laundry machines with:

  • Pause-cycle function
  • Steam wash cycle
  • BubbleWash and BubbleSoak functionalities for stubborn stains

2. Miele

Miele is recognized as a high-end appliance brand, incorporates advanced features in its washing machines. Including:

  • TwinDos automatic detergent dispensing system, designed to save up to 30% of detergent to enhance the wash results.
  • Miele’s washers feature SingleWash for cleaning lighter 1kg loads, along with a PowerWash program for efficiently washing small loads with reduced water and energy consumption.
  • The brand also utilizes a honeycomb drum to ensure gentle care for garments.
  • It has received a five-star rating across categories like performance, design, ease of use, features & functionality.

3. Bosch

Bosch produces sophisticated front loaders and a variety of other household appliances.

It features:

  • Many front loaders models, with WELS water efficiency high ratings
  • Certain models use 60 liters of water per cycle (half the consumption of other machines)
  • The brand’s ‘iDOS’ water and detergent saver
  • The drum assesses factors such as load weight, fabric type, and degree of soiling, automatically adjusting the levels.

We’ve got the best laundry machine brands you can think of – including Samsung, Bosch, Westinghouse, Fisher and Paykel, and Electrolux. These are the brands that pop into your head when you think about the coolest and most reliable appliances.

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